About Us

Leather Royale pays absolute attention to the quality of costume and your love for Superheroes and Celebrity wears. We make sure that no detail goes ignored. Our products are sturdy and durable like Batman, catches attention like Superman because we have a team of “Heroes Without Capes”, working for you, stitching leather pieces to stick together like Spidey Webs, and in the end, we deliver the finished product on your doorsteps faster than Flash could!

Superheroes are adored by us no matter what the age. As there is no limit to the imagination and passion, everybody at some stage in their life wanted to be a superhero or at least team up with them. 90’s kids grew up watching superhero movies and cartoons so did their love for amazing powers and costumes. At some stage in life, we wanted to bit by a spider so we could climb the walls or swing through the city like Spiderman! At Leather Royale, we have a wide variety of Superhero costumes which could rock a cosplay party.

Some of our most popular superhero collections include Captain America jackets, Superman, Ant-Man, Black Panther leather jackets, Punisher leather jackets, Deadpool leather jackets, Guardian of the Galaxy leather jackets, and authentic Batman suits. We also have a range of leather superhero costumes and superhero leather jackets available on the website.